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hi I’m Felicity Keats Morrison of dancing pencils right brain creativity.

It is interesting to talk further about the dancing pencils right brain writing marathon we are holding at the BAT Centre on Saturday 11th February from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm. It also needs me to mention our new publicist and marketer, Ayanda Hlabisa.

As the year starts let us commit to making it extraordinary for ourselves and for others. Is it a book you’d like to write? or poetry you’d like to create? Then the best thing would be for you to find a Dancing Pencils writing club to join.
Right brain writing is different. It is writing from the heart and from one’s feelings. It involves the reader very closely with the writer and paints a vivid picture. It is also very satisfying for the writer to just let words and ideas flow.
We have some help in the form of Dancing Pencils writing clubs at the Bat Centre in Durban for adults and children. For help for adults, phone Detlev Diegel on 0723844754. He meets writers on appointment. He doesn’t charge either.
There is the Isulabasha Dancing Pencils writing club at Nkandla that runs from the library and welcomes members of the public. In Durban, there is the Trevean Dancing Pencils writing club, run by Patricia Devenish. This club meets once a month. In Empangeni, Maimoonah Gori runs classes for children and in Gauteng, there is the Thoughts Dancing pencils Writing Club with Tshilitzi Mavunghu as the main mentor. In Estcourt, Sithembile Magubane runs the Bubbles Dancing Pencils writing club for private students.
Finding a Dancing Pencils writing club that exists for members of the public is not that easy. Most mentors work with the clubs in schools, and we are planning to train more teachers in schools as mentors. Maybe your school would like a writing club, then a teacher needs to train in right brain methods. We are planning group training’s for schools and learners. See our brochure on this website.
This is a good time to get involved with the year ahead waiting for your inspired pen.

Please do make use of our communication channels to give us feedback and remember your participation is welcomed and you may share with us your views, recommendations and your request. Be creative and original make good use of your talents, we here to helps you unearth your talents and nurture them to be productive for our communities and shape country’s daily reactions through effectiveness of right brains.Please press DONATE button to support us keep literacy development projects continuously. We also offers effective right brain training’s, look out for us coming to your district and you are welcome to book our trainers to offer training’s. Make it a year to shine.

Best Wishes.

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Ayanda Hlabisa
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