2019 Right Brain Trained Mentor Changing Lives

Our very own 2019 Right Brain trained mentor from JHB, Gauteng province is adding value #LiteracyDevelopment.

During her Right Brain Workshop with Felicity Keats

Right brain workshop Sipho Banda, Ayanda and Priya Bisunder

Priya Bisunder who is a teacher in a township in Joburg and Sipho a construction worker from Pietermaritzburg are here for a right brain training. Ayanda is also writing a book. As Sipho says there are so many stories to tell. And Priya is changing the lives of teachers and children in the classroom. It is the small bright flame of determination and consistency that will change lives.

Felicity Keats (our founder), Priya Misunder and Ayanda Hlabisa (our publicist)

She had this to say “I have taken on a challenge today by approaching the Principal of Thabo Vuyo Resource Centre, School for the severely physically and mentally challenged in Sebokeng, Gauteng, to offer my assistance with basic communicative English.

Priya Bisunder at Sebokeng, Gauteng.

The Centre has been added onto my list of schools for my English Attack literacy Project. I am a mainstream educator but I am confident that my passion & drive will lead me to making a difference, changing lives & ultimately achieving overall success 🙏🏼 Welcome aboard Thabo Vuyo! Together let us attack through the language barrier one word at a time🤷‍♀️”~Ms. Priya Bisunder
(Teacher Training, Mentoring, Life science Edutrainer at Arcelor Mittal Science Centre)
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