“Campaign for Right Brain Training’s” in Ilembe

Dancing Pencils Campaign for right brain training’s in Ilembe
Dancing Pencils, the birth child of Felicity Keats, has done national work in helping many teachers and learners to access and use the right brain, producing publishable work. Dancing Pencil’s forte is working in rural areas, helping to uplift the literacy levels by stimulating the right brains of teachers and learners. The right brain is creative; uses language better than the left brain, has problem solving abilities and is happy and enthusiastic.

Over the past 21 years, writers of the right brain method have created more than 2000 titles which have been published by umSinsi press. Children of 7 are authors with books in educational libraries. Men in Correctional services Westville have written sensitive poems using their right brains. A 14 year old girl, last year, published a 176 page novel.

All these triumphs are the result of work by Mentors trained in right brain abilities who support writers in school Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs, or out in society in a non critical, non judgmental environment. Self esteem rises, innovative creative people with dreams are born, literacy levels rise, all of which helps our country.

On Saturday 11 of February, Dancing Pencils was holding a right brain writing marathon at which members of the public, young and older, were present and from Nongoma area Nomfundo Mbatha was present. This was held at the BAT centre on the Durban Bayside, from 2 pm to 4 pm. There was no charge and writing materials were supplied to writers.

The wingspan is huge; the work that Dancing Pencils has done is impressive. Recently we did a book handover in Hluhluwe at Malabela High for their Dancing Pencils writing club. Ayanda Hlabisa, our publicist, made a successful trip to Hluhluwe where he visited the Malabela High Dancing Pencils Writing Club. Mr David Thwala, Deputy Principal, kindly picked him up in Hluhluwe town and drove him the 27 ks to the deep rural high school. His visit was to give the school a gift of more than 100 umSinsi books to inspire reading and writing in the club. It was a happy time for all!

A week or two ago, we presented the project to 45 principals at the Tongaat Teachers Centre. 12 school principals have registered to have 2 days right brain training for teachers and 5 learners per school. These will form the nucleus of a Dancing Pencils Writing Club in each school. Teachers may also use the method in the classroom.

The reason for this interest is that, in general, children in deep rural areas cannot read and cannot write. However the pupils at Sogidi Primary in ILembe CAN read and write, due in part to the development of right brain writing in the school.

Perhaps you might like to adopt a school and watch its progress. The cost is R5000 a school which will offer refreshments to the learners and educators at the two day training. Book packs of training material to stimulate creativity and right brain ability will be given to the teachers.

Felicity hosted the Sogidi Primary writing club at her home. Here are the children writing, and reading what they have written, to a non judgmental audience – the trees outside!

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Thank you for your coop

Sogidi P.School learners having fun!


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