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Dancing Pencils

2017 February the 2nd, Mercury newspaper wrote that we are CULTIVATING creative writing in kids can equip them with the skills to tackle “mind-boggling” subjects like mathematics.
That’s according to mentors from D urban-based literary development NGO
Dancing Pencils, mentors Mariam Akobar, Veena Gangaram, Vera Castleman and their PRO Ayanda Hlabisa whom as well been trained on mentorship by Felicity Keats, Felicity Keats and Yasmin Jamal pictured at their headquarters in Queensburgh.

Veena Gangaram, a Dancing Pencils mentor who was a teacher for more than 30 years, said she had used principles she picked up while mentoring to teach maths.
She said she tried to get pupils to use visualization techniques when learning geometry just as they are used for writing.

“When you start introducing three dimensional objects, you can’t teach it to them if you can’t show them what it is. But unfortunately in a geometry (exam) paper, there’s no 3D objects… so the children use visualization. He pictures it in his head and figures it out.” She added that being versed in writing skills can dramatically improve comprehension skills, which improves performance in other subjects. “It helps with subjects like natural science, technology and social science. It builds their confidence to be able to read and understand, then start to learn and remember.” Key to Dancing Pencils’ philosophy is unlocking the creative thinking process.

Mentors do this by allowing the writer to let loose and write, while not being critical of mistakes or poor grammar. Its founder, Felicity Keats, said children as young as 7 had been published, among 2 000 Dancing Pencils titles. Writing
clubs are held for adults and children’s.

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