Ciara’s School Thought Ciara wrote too slowly. But Right Brain Differed

It’s been a lovely and warm festive season with a lots of visitors and amusing moments to cheer ourselves up concluding the year 2017.

Dancing Pencils Team from 2017 congratulating all writing clubs for their tireless work and efforts, we further congratulates all matriculants managed to secure flying colors for the class of 2017.

However, last year we finished the year with striking bad news about our “literacy levels”. This been an eye opener to those who were not aware of the stats. felicity Keats our founder always stresses the issue with various stakeholders and governmental departments particularity department of education and arts and culture to support us support our kids, especially rural kids and schools with no prop[er reading materials and skills from administration.  It is amazing to open a year with vibrant and active right brain workshops for the little ones (Ciara) and old ones. This year we’ve already trained three people one child and two grandmothers in Durban alone. We looking forward cooperating with various municipalities and government to improve the literacy levels of our beloved country and continent.

Ciara’s school thought Ciara wrote too slowly. But right brain workshops show otherwise.

Junior Author named Ciara

This 9 year old is the author of a delightful book called “the royal cat.” 
A few days ago she came for another workshop and wrote about 10 A4 pages in a couple of hours. And she enjoyed herself!

Right brain training’s go on though writing clubs are on holiday.

Heather Chorn is going to run training’s at Birdsong Retirement Home in Durban North

Heather Chorn is going to run training’s at Birdsong Retirement Home in Durban North. A retired nurse, Marge, is the first of the residents to enjoy this opportunity of seeing her writing in print.

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