Dancing Pencils and Right Brains

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(This article appears in a new magazine called ChangeNOW)

There are enormous differences between our  right and left brains. The latter is linear, verbal, critical and should never be used for creative writing as, in the process of stopping to think, and to change what has been written,  the left brain DESTROYS creativity.

The lateral right brain, the home of creativity and problem solving, uses language better than the left brain. It sees in pictures, and dips into the left brain to get whatever it needs, is random, intuitive and has all knowledge. It also has entirely different knowledge and has secrets about a person that the left brain cannot access.

It also knows exactly what a person needs to write but the left brain gets in the way because it THINKS too much. So Dancing Pencils writers are taught how to switch off the left brain,  to access the right brain and to keep the rapid flow of creativity arriving through the use of classical music.  This is enormously pleasurable  and brings with it success to writers, not only in writing  but in various creative areas such as radio and television, music and art .

This builds self esteem and confidence.  It also helps our country which operates more in a left brain way and lacks creativity.  Learning to be in a creative right brain state reduces stress, the cause of failure and even sickness. (see our  success stories in our website://www.dancingpencils.co.za). Our young writers enjoy being interviewed on radio and by journalists who are amazed at the talent of the young.

Dancing Pencils has developed child authors in all provinces in this country, with the majority coming from KwaZulu Natal.  Last year Dancing Pencils partnered the Office of the Premier in raising literacy levels in this province by training 400 teachers and 2000 children in remote rural areas to write using their  right brains, and to start Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs in their schools. This was a valuable contribution as the future of this country do child authors lie in the hands of the children!


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