Dancing Pencils Annual Book Launch

Josie, Felicity, Veena 100dpi[1]

Joseanne Capelo (left) is photographed at the Dancing Pencils Annual book launch with Veena Gangaram (right) who was her Mentor at the BAT Junior Dancing Pencils Writing Club where Joseanne completed and launched her first 220 page novel called “Sunshine in Dark Times.”  Centre is Felicity Keats who is the Mentor of the Blue Moon Dancing Pencils Writing Club that is housed in the SABC Head Offices in Durban and meets on a Sunday afternoon each week.

Felicity has completed one six-month course of novel writing at the Blue Moon Club. 14 new novels will be the result, 12 in isiZulu and 2 in English. She has started a new novel writing course which Joseanne now attends. Joseanne  is writing her third novel.

We celebrate the talent that is in all of us and congratulate those who have the determination to see positive results in the form of published books from their passion for writing.


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