Dancing Pencils Literacy Development Project Board Meeting

The Quarterly Board Meeting of the Dancing Pencils Literacy Development Project held on Monday evening 22nd October, enjoyed making plans for the future.

Plans include awards for Mentors with long service in running Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs. There are 3 mentors with between 9 years and 10 years service. Veena Gangaram from Parkvale Primary has been running her club for 10 years, bringing glory to children and her school. Sethembile Magubane, now at Drakensview Primary in Estcourt, has an illustrious career as a Mentor, having developed a number of young authors since 2003.  And Therese Grewan of Zola Primary School has helped to grow their school club from 5 learners to some 42. Zola have also developed an isiZulu Dancing Pencils Writing club.

Awards will also be made for the best books – judging of these will take place after the launch. An award will also go for the best district anthologies.

The board also commended the Premier’s Priority Project who are bringing out approximately 70 new books written by new clubs as a result of the Project’s work in rural areas.

Two Dancing Pencils Book launches are expected to take place with the Premier himself present. The one will be in Durban, the other in Ulundi.  A representation of clubs from most rural districts will be present. This is very exciting for our province!


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