Dancing Pencils Writing Club Started in Westville Prison

Nhlanhla Nxele

Nhlanhla Nxele

It was a dream of mentor Nhlanhla Nxele (in the photograph) to start a Dancing Pencils Writing Club in Westville Prison. This dream came true on Tuesday the 23rd of April when he received permission to mentor some inmates. Felicity accompanied him on this first session. Five men were present, and Nhlanhla and Felicity were told that next Tuesday there would be more than 50 men interested in writing!

This first two hour session went very well. The participants learnt to “unlock” their right brains, to write atmosphere and to even write a short story.

The Dancing Pencils mentors also took books published by umSinsi to give them. This would encourage them as their first publication will be an anthology of stories, due in by 30 June for this year’s launches. Later some of them might like to write autobiographies.

Felicity told them, “People don’t like trouble in their own lives, but they really enjoy reading about trouble in other people’s lives.”  The participants thanked her and said the session had really helped them.

Dancing Pencils has already booked a stand at the Cape Town Book Fair for 2014 and have told the organisers to expect some interesting new books by members of Westville Prison!


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  1. ntombi xulu

    Apr 29. 2013

    Is this forum only for inmates or can I be part of it?
    Does it only cater for original works? Can my transformation of an old English novel into an IsiZulu modern drama also fit into your focus?

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    • Admin

      May 07. 2013

      You are welcome to contact Dancing Pencils. Just go to the contact us section of this website and send us a message with your contact details and let us know what you would like to know.

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      • clarence simes

        Jul 24. 2013

        hi I am in the process of writing a novel about my experiences in the fire brigade,part sof it serious part hilarious I met someone who stated that you could assist me in this matter.What I am looking for is someone to proof read some of the chapters I have written and see if it has any merit in it, .and perhaps guide me in the layout and the dictation if you can assist me I would be highly appreciative or if you could recommend someone thanking you hoping to hear from you soon best regards

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