Dancing Pencils’s June 2018 Events Participation

Dancing Pencils was part of Ogunjini Fun Run & Youth Development Event 2018

Ayanda Hlabisa with Bawinile Ngcobo selecting books for donation to Osindisweni event at UmSinsi Press house in Malvern, KZN.

On the 8th of June 2018  Bawinile Ngcobo of Isolezwe newspaper called on us. Bawinile came for a Donation of books as prizes on Youth Day, 23rd June in Ndwedwe, Osindisweni area sports ground. The competition was a 5 km run for primary schools and a10 km run for seniors hills. The schools  came from the Ndwedwe area of ward 15 Durban municipality districtBawinile hopes to keep an ongoing presence in that area with school training’s in writing.

Earlier we received a humbled detailed invitation,Theme: Healthy lifestyle and youth development and an Invitation which explained it all.

What is all about: Mr Mphi Ngcobo extended an invitation to Dancing Pencils to attend their youth development event held in June. The youth event started with a fun run and will be followed by prize giving ceremony, motivational speaking and entertain.

I would like to invite Dancing Pencils to talk to the youth of the area about the importance of literacy as it is my wish to start a literacy programme in the area that is aimed at encouraging youth to read more and write more.

Below is the background and objectives of the event

Background: Ogunjini Marathon and Youth Development was started in by Mduduzi Brian Ngcobo with the aim of encouraging the youth of the area to live a healthy lifestyle, to assist them with information regarding career guidance and upliftment of local schools. Then started in 2011 and ran for four consecutive years but because of lack of funding it could not be sustainable. This year, the event is being revived with the help of professionals from the area.

Audience at Osindisweni event 23 June 2018

Objectives: The event aimed to promote healthy lifestyle amongst youth of the area and to assist them with information that they may need regarding career paths that they may pursue after matric. The event also aimed at uplifting schools in area because  learners from the schools won during the marathon, there were prizes for the learner’s school.

The fun run was targeting young people between the ages of 10 and 20 and they had run a 10 km race. The targeted young people are from Ogunjini and surrounding areas and in this area there are about five schools which is Oakford Primary,  Sacred Heart Secondary, which is a girls only school with a boarding school, Ogunjini Primary, Umjoji Primary and Lokhat High School.

Fun run Starting point

Who is going to reach the finishing point first? Let’s go!

They were expecting about 200 to 300 people at the event and the entrance was free.

The event was held at Ogunjini area on 23rd June 218, started at 8 am and ended at 4 pm. Between 8 am and 11 am was the fun run and between 12 pm and 4 pm was be the prize giving, speeches and entertainment. This was by Mr Mphi Ngcobo who was the event organiser and Bawinile’s younger brother a lawyer by profession and a lecturer atthe University of Kwazulu Natal, Howard College.

Ayanda Hlabisa, marketer and publicist for Dancing Pencils and UmSinsi Press publishers a publishers side for the Dancing Pencils clubs and adults authors.

He addressed the audience which was a mixture of the primary learners, high schools and young adults including parents and emergency service providers ensuring the safe events.

He delivered a speech on rural literacy and youth development and emphasized on the issue of how important is writing. Especially using your creative right brain which stimulates creative and non-judgmental methods of the right brain.

Told the audience that each and everything originates from notes and written documents. Therefore, it calls for everyone to nurture their writing skills to effectively produces authentic works. Which might be publishable and of the good use for personal and community growth programs and purposes while uplifting our country’s states of literacy which is currently pretty-bad.

As Dancing Pencils Literacy Development Project, we continuously striving to achieves a better and literate South African community prioritizing the rural and township areas of our beloved country.

Recognition: The vent organizers honored Dancing Pencils with the appreciation certificate with a message stating they wouldn’t have made it without our reasonable support and sponsorship of more than 200 books donated.

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