Dr Kelisha Sharing Her Writing Journey

We are so proud of all our authors young and old.

Dr. Keli was also featured on 2020 videos, her YouTube link is featured at the end of this article.

In 2021 again, week by week you will be hearing from them on YouTube channel. Now it is Keli Hariparsad talking to you about her right brain journey in a lovely friendly video.

Who is Kelisha Hariparsad?

She had a chance to speak to Northglen News as follows:

She is a quirky, clever, doctor-turned-novelist who is on the rise to fame. Kelisha Hariparsad (a.k.a. Keli) is a modern-day story teller passionate about the craft of writing and talking about real topics in a ‘non-judgy’ way set in the city she loves. The proud Umhlanga resident’s love for books started at a young age – before she could even make out what the scribbles were. “My mother tells me I used to take any book I could find and make up a story as I turned the pages because I couldn’t read yet,” laughs 26-year-old Keli.

As she grew up, Keli went on to write short stories and entered competitions, but finally decided to study medicine. Three years ago, though, she was given an opportunity to write a column for The Northglen News. “I couldn’t believe they allowed me the opportunity as I didn’t have any formal qualification in writing. The column was called ‘Medicine Woman’ and was basically the musings of a city girl finding herself in rural Eastern Cape, during my studies.”~Keli.

Keli returned to work at Addington Hospital and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, but always felt a strong desire to write again. Finally, she decided to swap her stethoscope for her beloved pen and gave herself a real chance in the creative world. A wise decision, it seems, as her first published book, The Durban Four Hundred, was met with great enthusiasm when it was released at the end of last year. “The adult fiction novel tells the story of seven Durban friends with affluence and influence who are brought together to create a reality TV show.” The book features strong characters like Kiara Maharaj, a new-graduate doctor drowning in the deep end of the public health system, Aryan Soni, who is focused on creating his own generational wealth and Linda Dlamini, who makes her living the new way – through social media.” Concludes Keli.

Please enjoy and share! here’s the link: https://youtu.be/ui9BTsBWZCw


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