Feb 2, 2017 PG2. Dancing Pencils Press Conference.

Feb 2, 2017 Pg2. Dancing Pencils Press Conference.

Dancing Pencils, held its very successful press briefing in our headquarters, Queensburgh yesterday. Kick-starting the year on another note driven by our objective to develop writers and artists our goal to afford kid/adult authors a platform to enable their voice be heard, recognized and help heals one another through free writings and story sharing relating to their respective experiences in all corners of our world of experiences and challenges and solutions while we provide ways and solutions into problem solving methods, through “activation of right brain”.

Its been a huge success not because we secured a publication but for the benefit of our education systems and getting to share with communities what “Creative Right Brain” entails and the fact that we’ve produced a number of successful alumna’s and mentors sharing their stories of success attained by their club members and students is of course a great effort and achievement that we feels necessary to share with all the right brain method users and the potential creative right brains to realizes the impact and the effects of the creative right brain and its capability in shaping and helping our country minimize reckless behaviors portrayed and experienced on our daily living from our beloved rural, townships and sub-urban areas of our South Saharan Africa because of the low levels of literacy levels and other contributing factors which easily dictates their thinking abilities.

Creative right brain is good for everyone and all aspects in life mostly in education and problem solving.

“If there’s a will, there’s a way forward”-Felicity Keats words to me before Media arrival. And yes they is a way.

Creative Right Brain is good for everyone…give it a try if you haven’t started. If you want to know more about our Right Brain training workshops and prices, want to locate your nearest writing clubs and other matters of your interest and questions seeking clarity?

Please make use of our communications channels. Like our Facebook page “Dancing Pencils” and email us your queries and suggestions via felicitykeats@gmail.com or infodancingpencils1@gmail.com or call us: 031 464 1556.

You more than welcome to sponsor your beloved school/s and libraries with delighting books for booth teachers, teenagers, adults and kids more especial disadvantageous schools without proper reading materials. Press DONATE button in our website or email/ call us.


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