Felicity Keats Morrison’s Internet Mentor Course

1st Posted: 2014-11-30
Recent Edition: February 2017

Felicity Keats Morrison’s Internet Mentor Course

For writers wanting to get published by umSinsi Press, there is only one way. Writers have to do a right brain writing course. These are done either with help from right brain trained mentors, on a one on one basis with Felicity, or via an internet right brain writing course. Felicity also trains groups of 20 teachers and travels (within South Africa!) to them for a 2 or 3 day course.

This photo is of Felicity with a new mentor who has trained to teach right brain writing in her school, to run a writing club in it as well, and to write herself. These dreams will materialize now that she has experienced the shift to the right brain. Always remembers that “creative right brain is good for everyone and all aspects in life more dominate in education”

A new internet Mentor training course will be went live sometime ago but if you yearning to get trained, its simple make use of our communication channels, especial emails: felicitykeats@gmail.com/ info@dancingpencils@gmail.com. This course first trains mentors to write themselves, then shows them now to pass this knowledge on to learners. It gives input on running a writing club with publishing annually as its outcome. The link to the teaching course is on the ://www.dancingpencils.co.za website.


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