Futhi Ndlovu and colleague visited Dancing Pencils

Futhi Ndlovu, Felicity Keats-Morrison, Futhi’s colleague. Back: Vera Castleman, Veena Gangaram.

We really had a marvellous morning when Futhi Ndlovu and a colleague visited to hear what Dancing Pencils is really about. Veena Gangaram a teacher of 38 years and a school mentor of dancing pencils for 14 years gave great insight to the value to young people. Vera Castleman who runs zoom trainings and does typesetting and editing was also present as was Detlev Diegel who took the photo graph. Detlev is superb at picking stories for publication that make one laugh or cry… the mark of a good story.

Futhi was a superb organizer and a pleasure to work with

Mrs. Futhi Ndlovu


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