Gcinamasiko Heritage Party

Dancing Pencils was happy to be invited to Gcina Mhlophe’s 2020 birthday celebration.

Dr Gcina Mhlophe speech on her birthday celebration- 24 October 2020

The ‘Nozincwadi’ concept is defining and well suiting Dr Gcina Mhlophe. Yes she is ‘Nozincwadi’, a person that possess unstoppable love for the books. This event is staged annually in different places. The 2020 was hosted at Durban Science Museum, Durban. Ayanda Hlabisa, attended the event on our behalf at night.

Programme director of the session-performances
Group from Pietermaritzburg traditional performance.

Felicity posted on facebook, and Gcina replied:

Ayanda Hlabisa with Gcina Mhlophe

Gcinamasiko Heritage Thank you Ayanda. We had a great celebration indeed. I feel so blessed xx💖.


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