ILembe District Principals Presentation February 2017

Dancing Pencils presented its project for ILembe District Principals
16th of February 2017.

Felicity Keats, Veena Gangaram and Ayanda Hlabisa presented the Dancing Pencils project at a meeting of principals in the Tongaat Teachers Centre on Thursday 16th of February.

Veena, a teacher of 36 years experience, had a writing club of 100 children when she retired. She offered a fruitful presentation focusing more on maths and science subjects and methods that she used to teach them. These methods are used by Dancing Pencils to help learners to make these so called “hard-subjects” easy to pursue.

Veena’s presentation provoked a number of burning questions, including the fact that “some of my learners are unable to read and write,” a certain principal told her.

Felicity Keats of Dancing Pencils, the founder and director of the NPO gave an informative power-point. Impressive was the child author 7 year old Sinikwe Gebashe, with a published right brain story called Suzys dog. Felicity emphasized the fact that kids enjoy books written by other kids. She also mentioned how helpful right brain methods are for both children and teachers. Benefits are a reduced rate of school dropouts.

Felicity announced, “We have a gift for Sogidi primary school, a box of more than 100 child written umSinsi books to inspire your writers to read, and to write their own stand alone books”.The principals all clapped.
Sogidi been awarded with books because they’ve been published with umSinsi four years ago and has received their training in Dancing Pencils headquarters (see picture with learners writing inside the tent)

The Principals said they value the project and would like it to continue in their schools.

“We had a fruitful day, where our learners learnt a lot about creative writing and the use of right brain. Felicity has done so much in helping our learners at Sogidi to gain confidence in writing and public speaking. God bless you Felicity Keats.”


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