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Khulekani Magubani

Khulekani Magubani

My story as a storytelling enthusiast started at a very young age. I was born in Estcourt of the KwaZulu Natal Midlands to Zamokuhle and Sthembile Magubane and I am the last of their three children. The Midlands has a vibrant history and some of the most interesting people to be found in South Africa.

I started going to school in 1995 at Moorleigh Primary School after attending Estcourt Pre-Primary School. During these years I was a shy and reserved child. I would enjoy drawing and writing and usually kept to myself.

From the time I was very young my family moved around a fair bit. We moved between the township of Wembezi and Loskop before eventually moving to the township of Fordeville. During the years I spent in Moorleigh Primary School I stayed in the school hostel where I made many friends and fell in love with language.

Spent Weekends Writing Stories

I only spent weekends at home in Wembezi during these years. I didn’t have friends in Wembezi so I mostly spent the weekends writing stories and telling them to myself. Sometimes it was lonely but I enjoyed the experience of being creative. In Fordeville Primary School we received a lot of support from teachers in the way of our school work and sports to excel. This is where my love for story telling and creative writing grew. My friends, Smiso Khumalo, Sibonelo and Kaushik Harpal and I would write stories and play games when we were young. We were quite imaginative.

From there I went to Estcourt High School. This where my love for language continued to grow. I enjoyed my English lessons, especially when we spent the lesson reading novels and poetry. At home I continued to write stories and poems to the point where the material I wrote from pen to paper caused a clutter in my parents’ house. Most of those stories were thrown away as a result to keep the house clean. I continued writing my own stories but kept them to myself because I didn’t think anyone else would be interested in reading them.

It was when I was in grade nine that my mother (who is also an author, school teacher and creative writing mentor) had an encounter with Felicity Keats of Umsinsi Press and the Dancing Pencils project. My mother told Ms. Keats about me and showed her some of the stories I wrote. Keats seems to have approved of the stories I wrote and before I knew it my mother was asking me to find or write stories and in 2004 I had my first two books published.

Launched Angels Anointing in 2005

In 2005 I was reading and writing in high school and a teacher of Sunday school students at my church. That was when I had the idea of allowing some of my Sunday school students to write a book with me. It was a success and we launched Angels Anointing, a book about the life changing power of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

That year I also launched two other books, including a poetry anthology. In 2006 I launched six books, four were short stories, one was a play (Where’s The Love At?) and the last was the second book in the Angels series (Angels Redemption).

In 2007 I took a gap year after completing high school and this was the year I wrote another two books and discovered I would like my career to involve writing. I enrolled to study journalism at Durban University of Technology. In my second year (2009) I continued with creative writing and wrote two short stories. In 2010 I launched a poetry anthology with two of my childhood friends called Mamela.

In 2011 I worked for an innovation business incubator called Invotech. It was also the year when I got overwhelming media coverage and recognition for my writing. I was interviewed by Sunday Times, The New Age, Daily News, Noeleen Maholwana-Sanqu on SABC 3 and Shift on SABC 1.

Launched my Eighteenth Book

In 2012 I launched my eighteenth book Racers Rats and Rubbish Bins, which is the story of a young township rat named Rapula. He finds himself on a journey where he witnesses the living experiences of other rats and begins to question his own upbringing. The book has so far received a warm critical reception.

I am currently a journalist for Business Day and am based in Johannesburg. I hope to continue writing stories for as long as I can.


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  1. Sipho Pro Dludlu

    Jan 22. 2013

    Writing your way to success, the pen is indeed mighter than the sword in the modern days. Keep inspiring our nation for your future is too bright.

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  2. Lerato

    Jun 26. 2015

    I really love to write stories I started when am doing grade 10 but my scripts thy never read by anyone I give up …I don’t have a bright future in writing

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