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Zithini Dlamini

By Zithini Dlamini

Four learners who are all in Matric from St Marks High School in Nelspruit are receiving training on right brain writing.  The project started in February 2014, with meetings taking place once a week on Friday afternoon.

Friday was chosen as a suitable date by learners who always have a lot of homework to do on weekdays including weekend classes.

Pholisile Luthuli told the mentor – Zithini Dlamini that this method has assisted her to score good marks in a recent English test.

Last week they wrote about Human Rights Day – what it means to them as born free’s.  The idea is to submit it to a local newspaper for possible publishing on Letters to the Editor.


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  1. Pholisile

    Apr 11. 2014

    Sis Zithini this has been an enjoyable journey for me I,ve been enjoying the classes , I so wish we could not only meet on fridays but also meet during the week, since this class helps me improve my thinking capacity, reading, writing and speaking my English fluently. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  2. Pastor Sam Mabale

    Oct 17. 2014

    Good Afternoon!

    Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing and may the Lord increase you.

    Can you please help me to get my book published. I wrote it few year ago, but have being struggling to get the right people and those that; I got, they asking huge amount of which I don’t have.

    I will appreciate you help in this regard.

    Thank you
    Pastor Mabale

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    • Felicity

      Mar 02. 2016

      Thank you for your enquiry. It’s wonderful that you have written a book, unfortunately we won’t be able to help you as we are a niche publisher as we are using a Right Brain approach, we develop writers and when they are ready we publish them.

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