Philani Nzuza of “Awkward Journey to Triumph” thanks Dancing Pencils

Author of the book “Awkward Journey to Triumph… by Philani Nzuza 

This amazing novel was written by Philani Nzuza who was one of the men, in Westville Correctional Services facility, that I had the privilege of helping to explore their right brains. I did say to one of them, who wanted to commit suicide, “I can get you out of here. Legally.” That way was by helping them to explore their right brains. Philani tells me he never knew he could write.
But this is an amazing novel that he has written and which we launched at the SABC headoffice almost two years ago. He has also written some short stories in isiZulu. However, I ran out of personal money to type and originate another 20 handwritten manuscripts which we have, and getting sponsors seems impossible.
As Philani is desperate to see his isiZulu stories out in print, Ayanda will type them (and be paid to do so). We will have it edited and typeset, and he will have a second book out. These days authors are to market their own books so that could be his next step.

By Felicity Keats//facebook


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