Press Statement, April 2017-World Book Day with Felicity Keats

Felicity KeatsLiving Legend,2011 Award recipient addressing Ethekwini Municipality Libraries during Celebration of World Book Day@Umkhumban Community Hall, Chesterville Durban.

“Felicity Keats (84) on World Book Day Celebration 2017”
The EThekwini and South Africa’s Living Legend amused the audience and shared vital points during her speech on “creative right brain” during the Celebration of Worlds Book Day by EThekwini Municipality Libraries.
On Tuesday 25th Felicity Keats was a speaker at the EThekwini Libraries celebration of World Book Day she had been asked to speak on the right brain and publishing through Dancing Pencils. In her talk Felicity reminded the librarians’ that she had given right brain training to 40 of them at no charge some years back. As a result some libraries do have writing clubs that train their writers on right brain skills. 
Felicity touched on the difference between the two brains that we all have. The verbal critical left brain that destroys creativity and that freezes in fright when it tries too hard and the positive and happy right brain that doesn’t expect to fail.

This right brain that we all have is shy lazy and elusive and easily hurt when it will retire and not come out to help us. But if praised it will bring us more and more good work as it is rapid intuitive and can access secrets about us that the left brain can’t. 
During her speech, point of realization why she’s the Living Legend Award recipient, vanishes magical through her creative public addressing and right brain methods which exist deep in her heart and defines her whole life as a writer for more than 50 years.

She highlighted “I use to go to public libraries get 5 books and finish reading them in one day and go back to the Library and they couldn’t give me another staff the same day.  This wasn’t fun at all as I use to and still love reading and writing” 

Asked by a member of the audience, if she still ran Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs. She agreed that she did.

These take place in and out of schools and work under trained right brain mentors. Felicity mentioned recent training’s in Bhamshela area f ILembe district where 5 schools trained teachers and learners in right brain skills.

She also mentioned a training to take place in the remote rural area of Ingwavuma where the Isibani Sethemba Organisation is the sponsor. 
These training’s help to increase the love of reading and writing to increase literacy levels.

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