SABC Launch for Dancing Pencils

A great tribute to Dancing Pencils is the SABC’s offer of a room (or hall)  in their Head Office for weekly use by Dancing Pencils, be it for book launches, courses, book reading or other literary initiatives of theirs.

Nhlanhla Nxele, correspondent for SABC, has to be thanked for his negotiations on behalf of Dancing Pencils.

On Friday evening the 5th of October, a large audience that included SABC management, journalists and representatives from organisations interested in literacy development was present for a launch of Dancing Pencils.

The first course will be an adult right brain novel writing workshop, run at no charge by Felicity Keats, during four weekends in October. Participants will be fairly chosen through the media.

This will be followed by other courses and also a book launch in November.

Dancing Pencils greatly thanks the SABC for their support of improving literacy in our country.


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