Tharuna Devchand – Success Story

tharuna6In 1998, when I was at Parkview Primary School in Glenwood, Durban, I published a book with Felicity Keats.

Though it was a children’s book that made little sense in the real world, it allowed me to believe that it was possible to be a writer or a creative person in the real world and that I didn’t have to follow the more reliable life paths into fields such as medicine and law.

I’ve been writing ever since and have had poems and stories published in a variety of small places as well as wrote a script in High School that I was given the opportunity to produce.

In 2010, I started working as a feature writer for the Witness Newspaper in Pietermaritzburg and was the youngest in the department at the time.

After entering a short film for which I wrote the script, edited and directed into the Durban International Film Festival Short Film Competition, I embarked on a journey into screenwriting.

I currently work as a video editor in Cape Town and hope to one day make my own films.


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