ULundi Zulu Dance Champs ’18 Was A Success

The 1st Zulu Dance Champs was a success.

Felicity Keats (Dancing Pencils) ULundi Local Municipality Deputy Mayor and Queen Nompumelelo Zulu, the Zulu Queen (principal of Queen kaMsweli primary) watching Zulu dancers in Ulundi Stadium from the VIP’s marquee on the 28th of April 2018. Ulundi KZN.

This exuberant event was well attended. Thy were many of high profiled delegates across the the globe.

Dancing Pencils team, especial the found and director Felicity Keats was very pleased to interacts with the Zulu Queen, her Royal Highness Queen Nompumelelo Zulu. The Queen is the principal for a primary school in Nongoma, Zululand district, northern KZN.  The event took place at the ULundi regional stadium on the 28th of April 2018 at 10:00am. 

More than four and attendees attended the event. The program director was none than the other of the Zulu Dance Guru, the best entertainer Mr Khathi “Tshatha” Ngobe assisted by the manager for youth, arts and culture in ULundi local municipality Mr Xolani Buthelezi. 

Thokozani Langa affectionately known as “Somnandi” to his followers, was the choreographer. We were pleased seeing this beautiful works. Combining all the participated groups as a one dance group. The event was about to finish. Thokozani Langa ascended the stage to perform his new hits and most                    is prominent tunes. 

Apart from the dance and all. The Dancing Pencils literacy Development Project had its own marquee. In this marquee they were more than 100 kids from three local primary school who were trained on the right brained methods by Felicity Keats with Sifiso Thembani assisting with translations from English to the Zulu language for the kids. Kids were encouraged to write on their language of choice.   

The ULundi local municipality library and through their senior librarian Ms Ntombifuthi Zungu the Dancing Pencils Ulundi Municipality was established. After having assisted the team in the marquee she than agreed with Felicity to come the next Tuesday (02 May 2018) in Malvern along with the three teachers of the schools to receive their special mentor-ship training on right brained methods by Felicity which remained a success after all. The three teachers are from the following primary schools: Dabulamanzi, King Mageba and Nqunqa primary. 

Six stories were selected to be part of this year’s book launch and three in isiZulu and others in English. Lovely stories kids produced and yes we are amazed to see this talents from the Zululand district.  

Felicity’s meeting with the Zulu Queen, Nompumelelo Zulu resulted in Dancing Pencils rendering a right brained training for the school where the Queen is the principal, Queen kaMsweli Primary School. This took place on the 18th of May 2018 in Nongoma, Osuthu area inside grade 6 class. They received their training inside their school class and asked to be free and told whatever they were writing was right nobody was to judge them. 

As a result kids produced their original stories and given a chance to read out what they’ve written. It is an optional call to read. Learners are not forced to read their works after having written. Some chose to read outside and others read silently. 

Launch was served, Felicity Keats, Ayanda Hlabisa and Diegel Detlev enjoyed the launch which followed after having been served with delicious breakfast at the 1st break during the 1st session of the training. 

The Queen honored Felicity’s request to visits and see the palace. The team than drove to see the palace and the ENyokeni royal precinct where the Zulu Reed dance annually takes place. 

As we speaking we are busy with book typing and typesetting’s of the variety original and beautiful books by these learners and adults from the Zululand districts in northern KZN. 

We are looking forward to secure partnerships and sponsorship to continuously donates books for rural schools. This help them stimulates the willingness to read and the culture of writing. If they are able to write they are able to read.


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