Veena Gangaram and Young Writers Interviewed on Radio


Veena Gangaram who has mentored the Parkvale Primary Dancing Pencils Writing Club for twelve years, was interviewed by SABC journalist Nhlanhla Nxele on Friday 23rd. She also is the mentor for a private club that she runs at the BAT Centre.

Young writers from both groups were present to take part in the interview. She is photographed with children from the BAT Dancing Pencils Writing Club. Four young writers from the Parkvale Dancing Pencils Writing Club also had the excitement of being interviewed for radio and were photographed as well.

The principal of Parkvale Primary is very proud of Veena’s work with the writing club and sent a personal message to radio for broadcasting.

The club will have a 2 hour writing session with Felicity Keats Morrison during this coming week. Some of the stories the children write will go towards creating Parkvale’s anthology for publishing in the Durban City Hall on the 4th of September.

This is always a highlight for the children!



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