Writing is my Passion and Vocation says Genevieve Lanka-Govender


Genevieve Lanka-Govender

Writing has always been my saving grace. Since the first time I was able to string a sentence together, I knew I wanted to be a writer…to tell stories…to express thought and feeling that would often leave many speechless.

I wanted to be the person that could put words to passion, that could describe the inner churning of a personal soul…that could echo in vivid explanations the deepest fears within hesitant hearts.

Writing became my prayer, where I spoke to my God, it was my gift, my ministry…it became the essence of me.

So, when at 11 years old, Felicity Keats came to my school with her revolutionary thoughts and descriptions and methods…I felt as if, ‘finally, someone understands!’… And with her guidance, I penned my first book. A simple story, but it set me on a journey that would eventually lead me to the SABC.

I studied journalism, learning how to tell stories that would reverberate well after the last line was read. This skill I use everyday, by the Grace of God, as a Producer and a Presenter for a current affairs programme called Newsbreak, on a national radio station called Lotus FM.

Today, writing and telling stories isn’t just my passion, its my vocation. I go to work, doing something that I love beyond expression. And it all started in a tiny library in a public school, when I learned from Felicity Keats to let go and simply….write.



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    I dunno how I found this, but interesting read…

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