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Welcome to Dancing Pencils website,a place where “We Unearth African Talents, Nurture, Preserve and Utilize”. W e are humble and pleased with your support of our pages and social media sites including Facebook as “Dancing Pencils” and umSinsi Press. Your tireless support is not wasted and we find it more sincerely that please share these good news and our lovely initiatives helping our African child’s get better literacy and have their self-esteems on high levels at all times. Therefore, there able to diagnose solutions in which ever situations there subjected into and all unpredictable predicaments circumstances and storms in life yet shaping their future into a perfect and road to success by allowing themselves a chance to shape it on their own through platforms which activates their inner-being and realization of SMART goals and objectives.

Your support and inputs remains invaluable. However, you must always remembers that, if you willing to fulfill your goals yes you can. We renders training’s for groups and individuals but for school learners we prefer for learners to come in groups and we do attend to your destination provided agreements been made and resolutions reached that leads to unearthing of African talents and unlocking of Creativity.

kindly visit our YouTube Channel “Dancing Pencils” for more info and scenes from and about our projects.

Remember, you’re always welcome and we asking for all possible support of material especial finances to sustain and keep the projects that seeks and benefits our future which is kids.

Kindly, Donate for us to keep going and reaching out to all struggling schools especial, rural schools without proper reading materials.
We encourage “free writing” this method helps writers not to stress too much about spelling because spelling can be sorted anytime but ideas comes and go.

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“We Unearth African Talents, Nurture, Preserve and Utilize”


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