Book Launch at the Blue Room, Durban

At the Dancing Pencils Book Launch at the SABC Blue Moon room on Sunday 2nd of December, Dr Joyce Harilal (left) of the KZN Department of Education Head Office, stands with Ms Veena Gangaram with her Award for ten years as a Mentor and Master Mentor trainer.

This was presented to her by Ms Thizani Dlungwana, Deputy Manager, Premier’s Priority Project. Veena was praised for this sterling effort of running a Dancing Pencils Writing Club in her school for ten years. She has grown the club to 100 members.


Bright Sparks from Empangeni

Bright Sparks Dancing Pencils Writing Club from Empangeni has been operating for seven years. This year, at their annual book launch held in the SABC Head office, Blue Moon Room,  they had 10 young authors with their own stand-alone books and one anthology of stories by other club members.

Their Mentor, Ms Maimoonah Gori, had also helped the Tswana Remedial school to publish their fifth anthology. This is really exciting for the young people. This happy occasion also paid tribute to Maimoonah who received an award for 7 years as a Dancing Pencils Club Mentor.


Books from local clubs

Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs from Empangeni, Chatsworth, Parkvale Primary and the BAT Adult writing Club produced another 30 books.

One of the most astonishing young authors is Joseanne Capelo of the BAT Junior Dancing Pencils Writing Club who has written and published two books, each more than 220 pages, during 2012.

The quality of her writing is totally professional. Credit goes to her Mentor, Ms Veena Gangaram, who unearths and supports the writers in their right brain writing, but much of the credit goes to an amazing girl of 12 years, still in Primary School. This is surely an inspiration to other young aspiring authors.

Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Writing Academy

Rabia Cassimjee is the Mentor of the Dancing Pencils Writing Academy in Chatsworth, Durban. This is the third year that this club has published stories for their young authors at the annual book launch.

With their youngest member at the age of six years and the oldest in her teens, this club has a wide spread range of help for excited young people who are happy to see themselves in print. Well done, Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Writing Academy.

Parkvale Primary Dancing Pencils Book Launch

Representatives of the Parkvale Primary Dancing Pencils Writing Club were at the Blue Moon Dancing Pencils Room at the SABC head office on Sunday to launch their annual anthology of stories.

These young people are also talented dancers and during the afternoon, the four items of junior dance were put on by them. There was a religious dance, a fusion dance, an African dance and an Indian dance.

Swastika Bagadassee also read from her book, Drying my Eyes. In writing for this book, she helped to ease the pain of the loss of her parents, appreciating its cathartic value.

Lots of new books

One year of working with the Premier’s Priority Project in deep rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal has unearthed amazing talent amongst learners. Felicity found there was nothing wrong with the children, and nothing wrong with the education they were receiving.

In her opinion, the only wrong thing was using the left critical brain for creative writing. This inhibits the flow of ideas. When learners were exposed to the non judgmental non critical way of the right brain, their ideas, creativity and method of expressing themselves just flowed. So in one year, Dancing Pencils has created some 30 anthologies of stories, in English and isiZulu, from learners in deep rural districts!

These are amazing stories, telling life the way the young see it. The stories make good reading material for other young people!


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