Asoka Secondary School in Chatsworth

Monday morning at this secondary school in Chatsworth saw between 40 and 50 students, who were keen on writing, at a one and a half hour right brain training with Felicity Keats. They wrote for nearly the whole time, with a few of the learners reading out excellent publishable work they had just written.

All enjoyed it and Asoka will be running a Dancing Pencils Writing Club that will publish at our annual City Hall launch in December as Ms A.Naicker, educator at their school, has trained as a right brain Mentor.

Asoka Secondary right brain writing for Grade 12

Grade 12’s at Asoka Secondary in Chatsworth had a 2 hour right brain training session with Felicity Keats. This school does have a Dancing Pencils Writing Club. Some members of the writing club were amongst those 80 learners at this workshop. Some wonderful writing resulted.


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