Belief is so important: Felicity Keats Morrison of Dancing Pencils

Belief is so important. In less than two months, we hold our annual Dancing Pencils Book Launches. This year they take place over two days.

We have the BAT centre hall booked, and six club contributions so far. That is all.
We have to put it together with funding we don’t have and organize food, a video, sound system plus print books for contributions we don’t yet have.
One would think of it to be easy to give up and cancel it all, but Dancing Pencils believe it will all fall in place – in fact, having just had Senzo from Nongoma message me that his club is publishing this year and so is he has raised my belief!

Junior Authors, preparing for 2017 book launch. Carmel Kajol Periram, 13 years old last year she published a book titled: Benny.

Writing is a serious business on a chilly winter morning. Here are Kajol and Saskia Periram getting new stories written, with their cousin (centre) illustrating a dinosaur story for Kajol.

Dancing Pencils 

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