Ciara Valentine (11) Author of Two Books

Her name is Ciara Valentine. She is 10 years old. She is the author of two beautiful right brain creative written books. 

At her school they were complaining about her writing capacity therefore her Mother requested that Ciara joins the Dancing Pencils Literacy Development Project Saturday classes. On Saturday Felicity Keats (Our founder) runs classes for a group of four to six kids of all races and the club is called the Treaven Junior Dancing Pencils Writing Club.

Ciara Valentine author of two beautiful Creative Right Brain written books all on “cats”.

Later Ciara produced a book called the “Royal Cat” and followed by her latest phenomenal “Adventure of Cats” published and launched in 2018, September at the BAT Centre in Durban.

Ciara absolutely love cats. She have nine cats and that is why she wrote about the “Adventures of Cats”

Her school is happy with her creativity and her writing capacity recently. Our Creative Right Brain methodology is a life skill which contribute improve kids life skill at an earliest age.

We are proud of Ciara and other kids particularly from her club ran by Felicity Keats and all our rural clubs headed by various Right Brain trained mentors.


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