Nhlanhla Nxele Creatively Writing a Novel

On a Monday, I meet with a young journalist who is creatively writing a novel. He is Nhlanhla Nxele,  the Crime Reporter at SABC’s UKhozi FM radio.

To creatively write his novel, he shifts from his left brain to his right brain with help from me. He is doing extremely well and the novel is well on its way to completion.

Patrons at the restaurant may wonder why he puts his forehead on the table instead of partaking in his lunch, but a writer does know his or her priorities!


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  1. Nhlanhla Vilakazi

    Jul 02. 2013

    Hi sir I am based in Estcourt teaching at Tatazela High. I would like to join you because I am starting a chess club in school so I can be happy to contact nhlanhla Nxele so that I can get a clear direction

    I am looking forward to your response

    yours faithfully
    Nhlanhla Vilakazi

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