Dancing Pencils Literacy Development Project Board – Plans for 2014


The Dancing Pencils Literacy Development Project board had its first quarterly meeting for 2014/ on January 12th. The photograph shows some of the board members who were present at the meeting.

Ambitious plans are afoot that include a group of  board members  attending  the Cape Town Book Fair in June.  The board  itself  would also like to get sponsorship to fly 6 deserving young writers from 3 rural districts, accompanied by their senior education specialists,  to attend the Cape Town Book Fair and to read their published stories to an international audience.

Further, the Board is planning a three day Dancing Pencils Book launch in the Durban City Hall on the 3,4 and 5 of September 2014.  Representatives from 100 rural clubs will be brought by bus to Durban.

Day one will be a launch of adult authors of stature who have written  new books. Directly after the launch the board plans on sending a small delegation to the UK and US to promote Dancing Pencils and the books that are a result of right brain training.

To promote reading, the Dancing Pencils Board members will take various dates that pertain to books and language during the year and design small functions that include reading from their published books to various audiences.

They will also encourage mentors of clubs to do the same in their own area.  The board aims to put an emphasis on books and reading in this year of 2014.


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