Dancing Pencils Partnered With Ukhozi FM

We are humble to have partnered with one of the African continent  leading radio station and which is an SABC radio station so to mention a few.  

Dancing Pencils and Ukhozi FM

About Ukhozi FM-AFRICA biggest and most Loved radio Brand, boasting 7.8 Million listeners in South Africa alone and still growing. Maily LSM 4-8. Promise-Luhamba Phambili. Ukhozi FM Overview: SA’s largest and favourite radio station. Its is the only Radio station with 7.7 Million listeners in Africa as a whole. Maily LSM 4-7. Products: Tasty and nutritious radio at all times…umsoco owehl’esphundu. Categories:  Product/Service · Broadcasting & Media Production Company

This gives birth to a number of ventures and the opportunity to various stakeholders and the schools are to benefit more than the two parties partnering. 

On our first day at work this year we opened with a joint meeting of the participating stakeholders on the Ukhozi FM Back To School Campaign 2019.

This signaled that the year 2019 is extremely unique and its for the first time we signed an Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) with this radio station though we has previously worked with them on various projects of Literacy Development and Right Brain Workshops rendered by Felicity Keats along with other Dancing Pencils Right Brain Trained Mentors

On  Thursday the 17th of January 2019 our Dancing Pencils team joined in with Ukhozi Radio in their Back to School project. Our part has been to donate several hundred books for Ukhozi FM radio to give to selected schools in a variety of widely dispersed areas. Besides books, clothing is given to selected needy pupils.

Ekuthuthukeni Special School in Umlazi-KZN

Thursday’s visit was to a Special needs school in Umlazi, The pupils and principal of Ekuthuthukeni Special School had a wonderful morning with the joyous leadership of the Ukhozi FM radio team who encouraged dance movements by the children.

These are the books donated

Surely something different and special in a school day!


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