Feature Picture Of Parkvale And The Ferry Trip

Veena and KidsSunday Times photographer was intrigued with the way the Parkvale Primary Dancing Pencils Writing Club members just got out their books and started writing on their Jolly Roger Ferry trip outing …

Their Mentor Veena Gangaram, (also in the photo), encouraged them to write about their feelings as the ferry boat “rocked and rolled.”  Felicity Keats Morrison (the founder)  was present with a tape recorder of Vivaldi, but above the roar of the engines and the sound of the wind and rain, it wasn’t easy to hear the music!

It was a typical October day when one gets ALL seasons in one morning.  There were hugely heavy squalls of rain,  and strong icy winds. The bay looked like the sea, it was so full of white waves  and was very choppy.  The children got wet in the rain, they dried out in the wind, and they laughed and loved it all. And they wrote! Some of these writings will be in their next year’s Anthology of Stories.

Parkvale Primary have been in existence for 12 years. Their current Principal, Ms Mpungose, is enthusiastic about the success that belonging to the Dancing Pencils Writing Club at her school, brings to individual learners.

Veena Gangaram who is a maths teacher, says that right brain understanding helps with maths. Veena has increased the percentage in ANA tests from 27% to  51% and is proud of her achievements! A feature article on this writing club and their mentor, Veena Gangaram, will appear in the Sunday Times extra newspaper shortly.


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