Felicity’s Lock Down Right Brain Workshops

It has been a long tough time for the entire world in a past couple of months. Even though here in South Africa we have gradually moved to level 1 but concerns remain on how to Protect, Save and Live our lives in presence of Covid-19 virus. We encourage people to continue practising all safety activities and precautions to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

At Dancing Pencils, Felicity refreshed previous ‘right brain trained’ members and mentors. The refresh online course was aimed for refreshing but new members joined and trained with Felicity. Felicity used her facebook page to reach her trained authors, mentors and creative community. She wrote the following:

“Please remember any previously right brain trained writer is welcome to join our second zoom session on Sunday May 31 at 10 am.

Remember you need half a dozen sheets of A4 unlined paper and your pen. Just refresh that writing spark! We need your name and email address so we can invite you. You can message me with them. Thanks.”~ Felicity (Facebook)


How how thoroughly wondrous. Much appreciations from Green Bear (and friends at Down Bunnykat Lane) who attended an earlier right brainer🧸🧸🧸💚💚🔜 ·

Mikhail Peppas replied

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Jenny Clegg

Jenny Clegg email address: jenny@ecomall.com.au

Michelle Kemp

I couldn’t get back into the meeting at the end. Sorry to miss the last part but really enjoyed writing with you once again.

Michelle Kemp replied

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Frances Roberts

Thank you so much Felicity and Sanabelle and Mikhail and the backzoom helpers. I managed to get a story going but got disconnected somehow. Looking forward to next time!

Sanabelle Ebrahim

Felicity Much ‘n mighty appreciations for the valuable insights on the craft of right brain writing. Great interaction with participants. A shout-out to Ayanda Onwards ‘n upwards


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