Gcina Mhlophe Opens 2017 Book Launch

It is so important to have the RIGHT people to open our Dancing Pencils Book Launches on the 8th and 9th of September. 

(The photograph shows Gcina speaking at our launch in 2015).


We are DELIGHTED that internationally famous story teller, Gcina Mhlope, has agreed to open the first launch on Friday 8th of September.

The launch on the Saturday is being magnificently opened by Ms Khethiwe Khutswayo of Nkandla Muincipality. Khethiwe was the librarian in Nkandla some 14 years ago who started the prolific Isulabasha Dancing Pencils Writing Club. They will again be publishing this year. We look forward to two great days of book launches.. . Thank you, Gcina and Khethiwe.

Gcina Mhlophe irrepressible spirit drives her every day to share Africa’s stories, myths, folktales, history and values through the ancient oral tradition of storytelling

Because of the widespread admiration for her contribution to the art of traditional storytelling, many people wrongly assume that Gcina is a shortened version of Gcinamasiko, which means “keeper of heritage”. But her full name is Nokugcina, although she has happily taken on Gcinamasiko and even used it for one of her philanthropic endeavours, an arts and heritage trust. It aims to foster a culture of reading and writing in South Africa, especially among children.

Gcina Mhlophe, Influenced by her grandmother’s tales when she was a child. Her work has been produced across the world


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