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vera castlemanFull Circle, by Vera Alexander  launched end of November last year.

The book is about 12 year old Bandile who lives with his extended family – His mother, father, aunt and uncle. He is a healthy normal boy who loves doing normal boy activities. He loves soccer and Michael Jackson and would love to be an entertainer. One day his life takes a cruel turn when he is involved in a drive by shooting while innocently playing with his friends.

He is faced with a hard road to follow – one that requires tremendous support from medical team, his family, friends and his new school. and he has to find places in his soul that he never knew existed. Has he enough character to make a success of the life he has now been given.

Reviews of Full Circle:


“Normal life – Accident = Disadvantage
Disadvantage + Positive approach + Diligence + Cooperation = Dreams Realised” (done)

Manuela Cardiga (author of Guilty Pleasures)
I love this book. It is clean, fierce and courageous. Vera Alexander has taken us on a boy’s journey from the darkness of shattered dreams to the dawning of a new life, and has done so with ferocious tenderness, a refreshing lack of sentimentality. Her voice is completely unpretentious, clear as a bell. I loved her love of the African culture, so beautifully presented here, in its very tones and cadence. I highly recommend Full Circle. I can only say again: I love this book.

Elaine Duncan
The concept of this story is unique. The story progresses effortlessly page by page, and one never knows what to expect next, or where it is going. An initial reaction that baby Bandile’s life is destined to tragedy dissipates as soon as the colourful characters in the story are established, and it becomes apparent that he is part of a very loving family. This holds him in great stead when his life takes an unexpected turn.

There are morals in the story, but they are not shoved down one’s throat.
It’s a thoroughly engrossing story, and a very good read.(done)
I simply loved Bandile. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to read it.
It is a book that knows no age limit. It will be enjoyed by teens and adults.

Pedro Barrento
This is a story about the difficulties that life throws at you and about your choices: being defeated or fighting back. It’s inspirational and well written. If you’re looking for an uplifting book with a moral to it, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Lolah Peel
What wonderful insight you have into the minds of others, and particularly Bandile as he went through the greatest crises of his life; and yet came out victorious. It is a HUGELY inspirational story and should be read by all. Your attention to detail is certainly worthy of merit and the support and love of his family was really heartwarming. There are many lessons to learn from this story…not the least of it being the healing power of love and encouragement by one’s friends and family. You are a compassionate and insightful writer and I wish you much success in any future endeavours. Kindest, Lolah.


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