Kiara Gareeb launches -The Road of Redemption


A large audience of friends and family were fascinated at being present, on Saturday 26th October,  at the launch of  The Road of Redemption, a novella by 13 year old Kiara Gareeb. Kiara is a private student at the BAT Junior Dancing Pencils Writing Club and has been mentored in right brain writing on a weekly basis by Veena Gangaram.

Kiara’s amazing talent along with the publication of a book have staggered her school teachers who were unaware that this shy, unassuming young lady had an exciting novella in the pipeline. Certainly Kiara knows how to hold her audience as one eagerly turns each page, waiting to see “what happens next!”

Congratulations Kiara, and thank you to all who supported you in this creative journey!


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