Ladysmith Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs

Felicity Keats went to Ladysmith to train 7 mentors for Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs that will operate in Ladysmith and in rural areas, spreading the chance of people finding a writing club to support them.

Four of the new Mentors are from libraries in the area. Two were teachers at schools and one was from a Non Profit Organisation that is interested in taking literacy development into rural schools.

Ms Sandhya Maharaj, Chief Librarian at Ladysmith, also formed an Executive Dancing Pencils Committee which will meet in mid August to see how each new club has developed.

5 New Mentors for Ladysmith Dancing Pencils

This young lady who took part in the 3 hour right brain workshop at the Literacy Festival organised by the Ladysmith Libraries will have a chance to belong to a real Dancing Pencils Writing Club.

This is because Felicity is going up to Ladysmith, and on Wednesday 13th will train 5 mentors from different areas in Ladysmith who will individually run Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs.  This gives an opportunity for the best work to be published.

It is well known that the Ladysmith Municipality places literacy development, books and reading as a high priority. We need more forward thinking municipalities who assist with the development of a local culture of writing and reading!


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