Maimoonah Gori from Empangeni

Maimoonah Gori is the Mentor of the Bright Sparks Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs in Empangeni. She has a BA degree and is a freelance journalist. Besides her own private club which she conducts from her home and which she has been running for six years, she also mentors learners needing remedial assistance from the Swana School and Assessment Centre. She works with special needs children as well as with adults and children

Her own group, and learners from the Swana School, have prepared material for publication and expect to participate in the Durban City Hall launch in December 2011.  Four members of her group are writing their own books this year. They are also producing an anthology whilst the remedial school children have a book to publish. Over the years, her club has produced 3 anthologies and the remedial children have produced 3 books.

Maimoonah herself wrote a novel called The Gravedigger which was published by umSinsi Press. She also writes children’s Islamic story books.



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