Nhlanhla Nxele – Broadcaster, Writer and Mentor

Nhlanhla Nxele, SABC radio journalist, writes a novel!

Nhlanhla Nxele interviewed Felicity Keats for SABC radio in January 2012 . Their  interest was in the success of right brain writing in particular with regard to  the Premier’s nhlanhlanxelePriority Project in rural areas to uplift reading and writing levels.

Nhlanhla was interested in writing a novel and agreed to meet with Felicity once a week to write it purely from his right brain

It was an incredible experience. He wrote sometimes for three hours, producing 37 pages of good story material. He learnt to “paint with words.”

His novel , “Sailing on Troubled Waters” was launched at the Cape Town Book Fair in June 2012  It deals with a shebeen queen, a rural young woman and a prince-in-waiting. It is a relationships book with some surprises.

Nhlanhla  was upgraded in the SABC News Room to write features because of a superior ability with words.

Nhlanhla then started the Blue Moon SABC Head Office Dancing Pencils Writing Club for members of the public.14 people are in various stages of getting their novels completed,  with weekly help from Felicity and Nhlanhla.

Other right brain  courses have been given to members of this club – script writing, journalism, and mentor training, in order to develop talent and  to publish new stories and books!


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