Overcoming Literacy Dilemmas Through The Provision of ‘Spoken Word’

Ayanda Hlabisa recorded with success today at the Tab Aids for the Blind, KZN Head Offices. Recording the 20 IsiZulu stories by 6 to 8 year old pupils from Ugu District.

Ayanda Hlabisa at Tab Aids for the Blind studios holding Save the Children’s book.

This project was sponsored by Save the Children SA. Dancing Pencils is now producing an “audio book” to supply the Early Childhood Development Centres in Ugu District.

Recording at the Tab Aids for the Blind studios, KZN

In partnership with Tab Aids for the Blind, our education outreach initiatives provide multilingual Hear-to-Read oral resources for early childhood development and our Talking e-Books overcome literacy, comprehension, pronunciation and textbook dilemmas through the provision of ‘spoken word’ versions of school books and lessons. hashtagwriting hashtaglibraries hashtagchildren hashtagspokenword hashtagaudiobook hashtagread


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