Rabia Launched Her 1st Book

Detlev Ayanda and I, representing Dancing Pencils and UmSinsi Press, attended Rabia Khan’s great and interesting launch of her book, Truro Nurses – a Community Calling.

Rabia with Ayanda, friends and relatives at the launch.

UmSinsi Press is very proud of Rabia Khan who is launching her new book, Truro Nurses – a South African Community Calling, in Chatsworth. Many years ago Rabia’s mother was an Indian bag nurse; these Indian nurses went to homes to assist with the birth of new babies. Rabia covers these amazing nurses in her book which could be of interest to the Nursing organization worldwide.

This was held this evening at the Mandela Centre In Chatsworth.

Master of the ceremony with guest speaker.

A wide representation of people were present. Besides her own family, members of the nursing community were there. Indentured Indians were honored as were the Indian bag nurses of long ago. Thanks Rabia for inviting us to a glimpse of South Africa’s past history. We also met our former intern, Nasiha Khan, Rabia’s step – daughter who graduated with DUT Journalism, now with Rising Sun media as a journilist.


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