Right Brain Creative Writing Training for Teachers

Mrs Magubane

Mrs Magubane

On Wednesday 13th, starting at 1.00 pm, 30 teachers from Drakensview Primary and 15 teachers from neighbouring schools will be having a right brain creative writing training.

Penny Paterson, the HOD, has been organizing it . This all happened due to the encouragement of Ms Sethembile Magubane (photographed) who has been a Dancing Pencils Mentor for nine years and started a club in Drakensview Primary School in Estcourt in 2011.

This training is a life skill, in which teachers discover their talents, and are able to use the knowledge to share wih the children in the classroom, or extra-murally in the running of Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs who do have the opportunity of publishing, once a year, their own anthology of stories.

They also get a pack of three books with full explanations of right brain exercises that they can use to help the children develop their creativity.


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