Road To Nowhere

We also produced with success, Nicola Rhys book that saw the birth of the second edition of her book Road to Nowhere. We also did a video interview of her which will be on YouTube in a couple of weeks time. Well done Nicola!

Who is Nicola?

Personal Information Name: Nicola Rodda (writing as Nichola Rhys) Email addresses:; Facebook page: Nichola Rhys, Creative Writer With Umsinsi Press (@NicholaRhys) Personal History in Relation to Road to Nowhere I have always wanted to write, already as a young child. At school, I loved both writing and science, but when it came to deciding which profession was more likely to put bread on the table, science won. My writing urge re-emerged while I was completing my PhD in biochemistry. Shortly afterwards, I heard about Felicity Keats’ right-brained writing methods and discovered her book Dancing Pencils. In terms of my own writing style, it felt like coming home. In her Dancing Pencils adult writing club, I completed my first novel, Road to Nowhere, and a first draft of its sequel. I also wrote two children’s books and a short story for adults. For the purposes of my writing, I write under the name of Nichola Rhys, which comes from the middle names of my two sons, Robert Nichola(s) and Benjamin Rhys. I did this because at the time I started writing with Felicity, I was a practising scientist and suspected that it might be difficult to have my scientific writing recognised as objective and rigorous if I was also writing creatively under the same name.

During my time writing in the Dancing Pencils adult writing club, and partly as a result of the right-brained writing methods taught by Felicity, I discovered suppressed memories of a dysfunctional childhood characterised by family abuse and a law of silence to the outside world, and even to each other. Retrospectively, I realise that I had written some of my experiences and pain into the main character of my novel Road to Nowhere in a metaphorical form.

Since Dancing Pencils writing clubs focus predominantly on children writing books for children to promote literacy in rural schools, writing emanating from adult writers has not been widely promoted. After being medically retired from my scientific profession, Felicity offered me the opportunity to publish a second edition of Road to Nowhere, with the major responsibility for promotion of the book falling on me. I re-edited the novel and added a small amount of extra material. The book was released in electronic form on Amazon in July 2020.

Author information for book cover Nichola Rhys lives in Durban with her second husband, three dogs and five cats. She is a retired lecturer and researcher in life sciences, and is upscaling her writing hobby into a new career. She was trained in right-brained writing by Felicity Keats, participated in her Dancing Pencils adult writing club, and publishes her work through Umsinsi Press. Description of Road to Nowhere Geoff Foster is a teenager like thousands, approaching his final school exams and hoping to go to university. Unlike many of them, though, he faces two complications. Firstly, he is disabled, paralysed down the left side of his body and prone to health problems. Secondly, his family is falling apart. The combined effect pitches him into a turmoil of confusion, fear and illness that threatens to destroy him. Set in 1990, this story tells of Geoff’s struggle to find his road and his direction in a life that seems destined to go nowhere – to learn to trust in friendship; to believe in himself and in his dreams. On the surface, it is a story about disability and about succeeding despite of it, but it goes beyond that to touch the common thread of isolation which defines the road taken by many otherwise apparently ‘normal’ lives. It is primarily suitable for young readers (broadly 16 – 25 years) searching for their own path in life. However, older readers will feel drawn to the theme of triumph over adversity, since this is a struggle faced through many phases of life, not just by the young. The book also highlights a number of social issues, such as the influence of dysfunctional families on the development of children, the physical and societal barriers faced by people with disabilities, and the pressures caused by mental health difficulties such as loneliness, anxiety and depression. At its core, it has an uplifting message about the need to have dreams and to dare to pursue them, no matter what. The second edition of Road to Nowhere is published in electronic form through Amazon ( Paperback versions are available for order through Umsinsi Press or directly from the author ( Other writing by Nichola Rhys, all published by Umsinsi Press The Little Dragon and His Fire (children’s book) Acorn (children’s book) God’s Forgotten (short story for adults).

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