Success Story: Zithini Dlamini – Qualified as a Right Brain Writing Mentor Online


Zithini Dlamini

Zithini Dlamini took an Internet Mentor training course with Dancing Pencils that consisted of 12 lessons. She completed the course, is a trained Mentor now, ready to start training others in her area in right brain writing.

This is what she writes :
For as long as I can remember I have always loved writing and public speaking.  When I was in Standard Six (Grade eight) I entered a Debate Competition and I won a trophy for the school.  This encouraged me as I took part in debate competitions for most part of my high school life.  I used to have a small notebook where I would write down all the difficult words and their meaning to improve my English vocabulary.

There was another competition back then, where we had to read 30/31(depending on when the month ended) short books and give a presentation to the teacher on what the books are about.  The prize was a t-shirt and recognition from teachers as an avid reader.

After matric, I followed my interest of public speaking and writing and enrolled for a Diploma in Public Relations Management.  After completion, I did another diploma on Introduction of Web designing.  I went on to register for a qualification in Project Management and I have also completed a course on the Fundamentals of Graphic Designing.

When I signed up with Dancing Pencil Writer’s Club I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew I wanted to be published and I thought by merely becoming a member I can submit my manuscript and get published.

The length of the Online Individual Course for Mentors didn’t bother me.  I was determined and I had made up my mind that I was going to give it my all.  It only dawned on me as I began the course how much I didn’t know.  Right brain writing was a new thing for me.  It excited me and caused me to write as often as I could.

Now that I’ve completed the course, I can tell you I have a new perspective on what writing is about.  It’s about allowing a free-flow of ideas as GOD deposits them in my mind.

Now I write often and I seize every opportunity I get to write.  Over the past few months, I’ve written a number of short story books, poems and I’ve noticed improved performance even at work in terms of my writing skills.  I am doing communications for the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and I’m expected to write press releases, successful stories, produce reports and a whole lot of writing material as required of me.  Now I carry out this task with little to no frustration at all.  I’m more confident and I express myself better when liaising with our internal and external stakeholders.

This course has allowed me to unlock my right brain – a part of me that was lying dormant.  Going forward, I want to help someone to be as passionate as I am about writing, such that it begins to yield the desired results.  As my point of entry, I’m targeting the Barberton Correctional Service and I’ve already forwarded a request which is receiving attention.

I’m not there yet but I’m determined to go all the way.  I’ still want to get published and I hope that as I form a Writing Club I will assist the group to get published.  That will mean a lot to me.

Thank you Dancing Pencil, I’m becoming a better writer each day.  I’m determined to pass on the skill to others so we can become a community of successful writers.


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