Mayville Informal Settlement Kids Now Authors

It was a historic day on Saturday the 10th of  November 2018. We had a second Annual Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs Book Launch. It took place at the BAT Centre on Durban’s Bayside. They ... Continue Reading →

Shasta (from: on writing right brain and DANCING PENCILS)

My father had no desire to hold a steering wheel in his hands but I did. On top of that I dreamt of owning a convertible sports car. I was nineteen years old when I got my driving ... Continue Reading →

Kiara Gareeb launches -The Road of Redemption

A large audience of friends and family were fascinated at being present, on Saturday 26th October,  at the launch of  The Road of Redemption, a novella by 13 year old Kiara Gareeb. ... Continue Reading →

Dancing Pencils Writing Club Started in Westville Prison

It was a dream of mentor Nhlanhla Nxele (in the photograph) to start a Dancing Pencils Writing Club in Westville Prison. This dream came true on Tuesday the 23rd of April when he received ... Continue Reading →

Sipho Pro Dludlu – from the Dancing Pencils Writing Club in Newcastle

Sipho Pro Dludlu began his writing career in the Phendukani Dancing Pencils Writing Club in Newcastle. * A fascination for story writing led him to writing a play which did very well. ... Continue Reading →

Press Briefing at the BAT Centre

Mr Dlamini from the Khulebebuka Secondary School at Umbumbulu made a noticable impact with his talk about the development of the skills of writing and reading that the introduction ... Continue Reading →