Teilharde Fregona – First Child Written Book Aged Six

Teilharde Fregona - aged 21

Teilharde Fregona – aged 21

By Felicity Keats

When Teilharde Fregona was three years old she sat with her mother, Charl Fregona, and me as Charl helped me with originating our first child written book. These were  to be published by my niche publishing side, umSinsi Press cc.

These books  were written on unlined paper and illustrated in colour by the first young authors.

Teilharde enjoyed folding paper and drawing her own pictures in her own “books.”

When she was six years old, she had lessons right brain creative writing and she  had her first book published by umSisni Press cc.  It was called “The Roses” and is in the British National Library in London.

While still in primary school, Teilharde had two other books published. One was called “The Fairy without Wings” and the second one, when she was 9, was called “The Ghost Ship.”

On the back cover she writes: Could a wrecked boat with a hole in its side, start to sail again?  Read this exciting book to see what happened  when a ghost appeared.

Some years later, she appeared, with me, on a panel on the ETV show Great Expectations, endorsing creativity in children.

Now, at age 21, Teilharde is in her second year at the London School of Contemporary Music. She writes her own songs and her own music and plays the piano and the piano.

She has her own band called Disraeli Gears which is on YouTube. She also performs at many places in the UK.


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