The Right Brain Maestro Strikes Again

A 2011 winner of the Ethekwini living legends award and founder of The Dancing Pencils and its associated organization Umsinsi Press is back at it again with her latest novel A piece of Jasper. 

2019 Second Edition, published by Umsinsi Press publisher

Felicity Keats Morrison who has over sixty years of professional writing under her belt began teaching her right brain expertise through the Dancing Pencils for over twenty-seven years. In her early years she turned toward freelance journalism. She then spent a number of years as editor of the South African Bee Journal and now has numerous published books to her credit. 

“My family used to visit the Winfred guest farm in the Free State province where the San people once resided. I picked up a piece of jasper not knowing what it was. When I did the primitive romance of the San people intrigued me and the hills spoke to me to write a story,” said Felicity. 

A piece of Jasper tells the tale of little Sally Fay who’s contented life is thrown upside down when her father remarries. Sally, who is quite unhappy with her new familial situation goes off into the mountains where the San people once lived. Upon stumbling onto an ancient San artifact, Sally kindles a friendship with a San medicine woman, Kamma. With help from Kamma’s wisdom Sally goes through a journey within herself in order to adjust and finally be happy with her new family. 

Felicity spent twenty years studying archeology and anthropology in order to realistically illustrate the life and culture of the San people. She said that her aim of the book was to create a contrast between a girl who had everything and the San who were content just the way they are. 

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