What are you trying to reach? Musa Gumede Launches Second Book



Musa Gmede speaking at the launch of his book What are you Trying to Reach?

We are so proud of this author, Musa Gumede,  with his second book, What are you trying to reach?  This book was launched at the SABC Head Office in Durban on Sunday 6th with a full audience present.  It is available for sale on the website or from Musa’s website .

Musa is a motivational speaker and writer, there to help people overcome obstacles and to reach their goals. Success is the name of the game, and Musa is aptly able to help people to see what is getting in their way and what to do about overcoming obstacles.

A programme of excellent speakers took place, with Councillor General Kikine ending the event by proclaiming that Musa is a philosopher and congratulating him on his own speech that covered all aspects of a person’s journey to success.

Musa’s first book, Tested to Testify, has been very well received, in this country and overseas. We wish Musa all the best in his journey as an author!



General Sam Kikine at the launch


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